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Nice to Meet you...

Meet the maker


Im Letti..

​Usually being a wally on snapchat with my two crazies ( as I call them).

 Being mother of two young boys can definitely keep you busy and when I decided when my youngest was a year old and that time was looming as to go back to work or not the decision was made to stay home and become a stay at home mummy! Hurrah!

 Although I love my boys to infinity and beyond , picking up toys, getting playdoh out of the carpet and crayon off the walls, I needed a bit of ME time! As we all do!

I first started making jewellery when I had been on a girly night out (too much Gin, not enough toast !), I just couldn’t find any jewellery that I liked, everything was too young or just a bit too trendy (LOL) I really love the weird, fun side of life and felt I needed that sort of crazy in my jewellery.

How it all started ….I used some savings and started buying Christmas charms and started to make Christmas earrings.

 I sold them on ebay and they became quite popular, then I decided to see what else I could make.

I am always looking for items to make into earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even keyrings.

I have a degree in costume design and always loved making, creating and always loved the weird and wonderful design.

After recently finding suppliers from all around the world and fantastic suppliers from the UK. I use their wonderful items to make my jewellery and yes, it is only me who makes them, usually once the nutters are in bed or if my very patient husband takes them out, I get a day of making (hurrah!)

My items range from wooden pieces, to acrylic items, down to glitter studs ...a fun collection of weird but wonderful costume jewellery!

I package up all the orders, even made this website.

 Handmade By Letti is a labour of love and I honestly do love it, I love hearing feedback from you all, seeing your pictures and even seeing someone has viewed my website! I totally appreciate your time and every order really does make me smile!

Thank you for reading my little meet the maker, Have a look around and always happy to do custom orders!

Thank you again and stay weird!



We Love your Feedback!

Here at HQ we love to hear your feedback! Not only does it mean it has arrived, it also means we can find out what you think, and we love to know you love our product as much as we do!

Leave a review on our Facebook page we would love to hear from you ! And remember WE LOVE YOUR SELFIES! Tag us with  @handmadebyletti or #handmadebyletti

Little 19mm acrylic goldfish stud earrin
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