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Lets Get Eco Friendly.......

Plastic Polluted Ocean
Recycling Bottles
Variety of Bags

My Mission for 2021 is to cut my plastic use by at least 80%.

Already at Handmade By Letti  HQ, I recycle all bubble wrap and packaging materials already and have done for many years!. But now as we go into a new year , we need to start to think about working to save our beautiful planet. 

Bubble wrap

The bubble wrap used in your items can be recycled too and also would have been reused here from items i have recieved in packages. THe card boARD BOXES ARE EASLY RECYCLED  and can also be reused perect to even keep your jewellery in or even send your gifts with these boxes.

All earrings are on printed card and they can be recylced too! if you have ordered gifts that can go on one earring card please leave me a message in the checkout and i can save paper and put all you order on as little earring cards as possible, using less packaging, less box space and less cardboard.

with regards to plastic most necklaces aRE PLACED IN A PLASTIC SLIP THIS SADLY can not be recylced, if you eish for your items to be send plastic free i can happly wrap your items in tissue and recycled bubble wrap.

here in lovely lancing we have a fantastic REcyling scheme, FAcebook page recycling in lancing. They collect loads of terrycle items that can not be reccyled in household recycling and sort and send off to the terryclycle scheeme. They collect anything from tassimo discos, sweetie wrapper and even toothbrushes. once sent off these items are weighed, calculated and recycled into chairs, wheelbarrows and more. please check out the terracylce scheem below.

Other great recycle reused we also do here is printer cartridge recycle which we send off Empties please (facebook link below) WE also use biodigrable packaging puffs. The little puff balls we send out can be dissolved in water! fun for the kids, great for the enviroment.

Did you know that my whole office and contained are used from reused tupperware, nothing is rarely bought new here..(yes cleaned of course) but we can all reuse and recycle!

So even the coffee i drink is recycled, the sweetie wrappers and packaging i send out to you as a treat is recycled.

As a small buiness i will continue to improve and monitotr eviromental performace.

links to REccling

Have any other awesome ideas for a small buiness please do contact us!

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